Practice Areas

My Practice Areas

Below are the areas where I largely devote my practice. However, I have successfully handled many other matters that do not fit in these categories. If you have questions or would like to discuss your case contact me. My initial consultations are always free.

My Fees

My practice is based on contingency-fee civil litigation. The term civil litigation refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific actions rather than criminal sanctions. It includes cases where people have been hurt or killed by another or harmed in other ways: such as losing a job, property, or money itself.

I prefer to work on a contingency fee, meaning my fee will be a percentage of the amount that I recover for you. I believe this has several advantages to other attorney-client fee arrangements.

Firstly, you only have to pay fees if I successfully recover for you. You are not faced with the prospect of paying for legal work that does not accomplish anything.

Secondly, in a contingency fee relationship our interests are aligned: to maximize your recovery. This is not true for hourly lawyers, who have an incentive to maximize the hours for which they can bill you and drag on the case. I like contingency fees because they are pure: you and I will work together to achieve a common goal and get the best result in your case.