I became a lawyer to do good for the people who deserve it

Because I believe in being tough and being fair.

My heart is in helping people who get hurt by someone else’s carelessness, whether it be from the hands of an insurance company or a big corporation.

As a trial attorney, I have won my clients life-changing financial recoveries in cases other lawyers said had no chance of succeeding. When I believe in a case and work hand-in-hand with my clients, I find great results often happen.

Through it all, I have learned new technologies, techniques, and strategies so that I serve my clients with cutting-edge 21st-century legal representation.

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I typically serve clients in the following areas of law, but am eager to assist you with other types of cases as well.

  • Personal Injury

    Big corporations and insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind, but I do. You need compensation for your injuries, and I can help you get it.

  • Wrongful Death

    The loss of a loved one is incredibly painful, but if the death was wrongful in nature, the feelings turn rightfully bitter. Let's seek the justice your lost loved one deserves together.

  • Employment Law

    Being wronged by an employer after countless hours of dedication is unacceptable. Hold your employer accountable and set an honorable precedent for others who have been wronged like you.

  • Consumer Rights

    Businesses have an ethical duty to treat you with fairness. If you feel that a business took advantage of you, I can help.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have never in my career gone after an individual’s savings or assets. I go after insurance companies and big businesses that have done wrong or hurt someone. Although insurance companies may be able to hide behind their policyholders, when I build my case, I do so to seek payment…

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I primarily represent clients under contingency fee agreements. That means my fee is contingent upon me first obtaining a financial recovery for you and you will never have to pay me out of pocket. I charge an industry-standard percentage of the recovery. I love contingency fee work because it is…

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Anytime your legal rights are implicated or you have been harmed physically or financially by someone else, I recommend speaking with an attorney. Most lawyers will give you a free consultation. I am always willing to sit down for a free extended consultation with a person I can help.

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After years of growing popularity – particularly among young people – we are starting to see reports of health complications from vaping. Although we are led to believe vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, the new craze does not have the decades of scientific research behind it. We simply…

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Equifax has agreed to pay out over $425m to victims of its September 2017 data breach. Individuals affected are entitled to $125 and $25/hour up to 20 hours for the time they spent in response to the breach. Check to see if you and your family are eligible and submit…

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Client drinks most of the can. Client notices can still feels “heavy.” Pours out the rest … in the bottom is this: the rotting body of a rat. Client spends the rest of the day vomiting violently in the Emergency Room. Client later develops a throat infection that lasts for…

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