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Nursing Home Abuse

Moving a parent or loved one to a nursing home is a difficult decision. These facilities have a legal duty and ethical responsibility to care for and safeguard aging or vulnerable adults. Unfortunately, many facilities fail to uphold their responsibility, which can cause heartbreaking injuries or even death. Even worse, many facilities may attempt to hide the devastating truth. 

We have extensive knowledge and longstanding history of success helping families navigate the complexities of nursing home abuse and neglect. If you’re dealing with a nursing home or assisted living facility that has violated your loved one’s rights and trust — we’re here to help. As your compassionate and dedicated nursing home abuse attorney, we protect your loved one and family from poor care and maltreatment. 




In Ohio, there the Bureau of Regulatory Operations spearheads investigations into abuse, neglect, misappropriation, and exploitation through the ANME program. 

Abuse refers to knowingly or recklessly causing physical harm to residents either through physical contact or use of physical or chemical restraints, isolation as punishment, and medication. 

Neglect refers to recklessly failing to maintain residents’ health or safety, either through neglecting treatment, care, goods, or service — leading to serious physical harm. 

Misappropriation means defrauding, depriving, or otherwise taking the personal or real property of residents by any means prohibited by the ORC (Ohio Revised Code). 

Exploitation refers to taking advantage of a resident. This does not have to include personal gain, and the resident does not need to be aware of the action or exhibit signs of harm because nursing home residents are a vulnerable yet protected population. 

Additionally, your family member may be the victim of sexual or psychological abuse, both of which should result in legal action. There are many different signs of nursing home abuse or neglect, and knowing these red flags is imperative for family, friends, and loved ones. If you visit or speak with your loved ones on the phone, you should ask questions or stay vigilant about the warning signs of abuse or neglect.


Look out for abrasions, bruising, or other signs of injury. If they seem withdrawn or fearful of certain staff or residents, this may also be a sign of an abusive environment. If they tell you that they are experiencing abuse, listen and take these complaints seriously. 


Nursing homes and other care facilities have a legal obligation to your loved one’s health and safety. Failing to uphold this responsibility often comes in the form of neglect. This may present itself as untreated medical conditions, dirty clothing or bedding, poor hygiene, sudden weight loss, and frequently as bed sores or pressure ulcers. Don’t take these signs lightly; your aging loved one deserves dignity and care. 

Additionally, if you notice strange or repeated financial transactions that seem out of place, there could be a manipulative and abusive situation going on with your loved one. If you notice any strange behaviors or feel uneasy about the facility, staff, or other residents — it’s worth seeking legal counsel from The Henry Law Firm. 




We house an incredible team of legal professionals who truly care about you and your family. We put you first, going above and beyond to ensure that your loved one is protected and cared for. Nursing home abuse and neglect can have a devastating effect on the victim. We fight for your family, taking every possible action to bring a legal claim against the responsible parties. 

We work closely with the families, offering transparent and vigilant legal services. We built our firm with communication as a cornerstone, which means you’ll always be able to reach one of our legal professionals to answer questions, tackle concerns, and move forward with your case. 

If your loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect, contact us straight away. It’s important to start the legal process as soon as possible, gathering evidence and building your the case. If possible, take photos of the injuries, gather medical paperwork, and track the recovery process. Any supplementary evidence you can obtain is helpful, especially early on. 

We’ll help you calculate damages and build a strong case against the responsible parties. Whether it’s damages for increased medical costs, pain and suffering, or a combination of the two, The Henry Law Firm is here for you. Don’t wait for another second, contact us today. 


  1. We will ensure that your vulnerable loved one receives the very best treatment available to assist with recovery. 
  2. We will maximize the amount that your vulnerable loved one recovers for medical treatments, pain and suffering, or any other measure of their damage. 

Nursing home abuse cases can be especially complicated, which is why you need an experienced and aggressive attorney by your side. We’re incredibly familiar with these cases and have helped many of our clients navigate the complexities of their cases with great success. Your vulnerable loved ones deserve dignity, respect, and a safe living environment. It is our privilege to work with you to protect the ones you love. Contact us today for a free consultation. We will talk through any questions, discuss strategy, and begin building a case against the responsible parties. 

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