Wrongful Death

There is no loss greater than that of a loved one.

And there is no work more important to me than when I am entrusted by a family to protect and pursue the interests of a person taken too soon. In these cases, I remind myself every day to be the lawyer that I would want my family to hire.

When a person is killed by negligence, the family will have many questions. What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Getting answers to your questions can be very difficult because those investigating for the government, if any, are not investigating on your behalf.

My Agenda Is You

OSHA is investigating to determine if a company violated any regulations. Law enforcement is investigating to determine whether any crimes were committed. Other agencies have their own agendas and, although they may desire to be helpful to you, they do not answer to you.

You deserve a passionate and skilled investigator working to answer your questions and pursue your family’s interests under the law.

If a negligent individual or a careless company has taken a family member away from you, your family may be entitled to compensation for the loss of income, the loss of society and companionship, and the loss of services to the family. Whenever the facts show a wrongdoer consciously disregarded community safety, I pursue punitive damages designed to punish the wrongdoer and make the community a safer place.

Wrongful death cases pose their own unique challenges based on the laws that apply, and the difficulty in gathering information. In my career, I have successfully represented the families of those wrongfully killed by negligent, reckless, and intentional acts. My practice is built on investigating, understanding what happened, and then aggressively prosecuting an action on behalf of the family.

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