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For the best Independence, OH personal injury lawyer, we encourage you to contact The Henry Law Firm. Whether you are navigating the death of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, need reliable legal representation for a slip and fall case, or are helping your child recover from abuse or neglect, our passionate attorney and legal team are ready to assist you. At The Henry Law Firm, you will get empathetic support and cooperation around-the-clock. We understand your struggles, and for that, we offer a client-oriented approach to solving every case.

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Our firm is technology-focused and client-centered, and we are dedicated to helping you understand your case and the details of the legal system. Here at The Henry Law Firm, we work for our clients and will provide regular updates throughout your case. We strive to build strong relationships with every client, so you know you can count on us. When you choose to work with The Henry Law Firm, you will receive clear communication, attention to detail, and so much more.

Here are a few more reasons that help us continually stand out from other Independence, Ohio lawyers:

  • Client-centered: We ensure that your needs remain at the head of every communication.
  • Technology-focused: We use modern technology to handle all our client’s cases, and you can access the information at any time.
  • Modern investigative techniques: Our aggressive Independence, OH attorney is a licensed private investigator who is ready to search for all critical evidence that will help your case.
  • Storytelling: We start by paying attention to your story and create a fascinating account that establishes the cause of your case.


As an Independence, OH personal injury lawyer, Eric Henry continually takes every step needed to protect clients who have suffered injuries due to a slip and fall, workplace accident, medical negligence, or other scenario. Our modern legal approach allows you to communicate with us at any time, so you can focus on what matters most – your recovery. Here at The Henry Law Firm, we have numerous years of experience that have allowed us to adapt modern strategies and techniques to get you the best case results possible every time.

The Henry Law Firm operates on a contingency fee agreement, meaning you won’t have to worry about paying legal fees unless we successfully recover damages for you. This type of agreement ensures that our interests are aligned with your own – to maximize your recovery. By choosing to work with us, you won’t have to worry about hourly fees that many Independence, Ohio lawyers require. Instead, you will work with a legal team who is devoted to your best interests and case outcome no matter what.

Take a look below to learn about our wide assortment of Independence, Ohio personal injury lawyer practice areas.


Car accidents can result in income losses, costly medical bills, absence from work, and severe damages to the family and individual. In the United States, they usually occur at an unprecedented rate, making people seek a car accident attorney. A car accident attorney helps victims of car accidents establish personal injury claims and seek-out compensation for harm caused by other drivers. If you or any family member is battling with the consequences of a car accident and requires a car accident attorney, contact The Henry Law Firm.


Like car accidents, semi-truck accidents often lead to enormous medical bills or financial loss. Most times, victims are unable to drive or work due to the accident’s severity. After a semi-truck accident, The Henry Law Firm knows how essential proper compensation is. For that reason, we carry out a thorough investigation concerning the crash to establish a worthwhile cause. We understand that you deserve the appropriate benefits after such an occurrence, and our skilled attorney will help you achieve that.


Construction site workers experience dangers at their workplace each day. Several workers are killed or injured yearly due to construction site accidents. We provide free consultations for people with severe injuries. Our legal professionals will work with you to offer solutions after a construction site safety. We will earnestly chase these employee compensation claims so that injured workers get recompense for damages incurred from work.


Do you need legal services for any psychological or physical injury from a government agency, company, or someone else’s negligence? The Henry Law Firm will work with you no matter the cause of your injury to give you the best legal outcome and make sure you receive proper assistance.


If any of your family members pass due to another’s negligence, The Henry Law Firm can be of assistance. Our legal professionals will assess your case reality and help discover the best way to progress. We value our client’s trust when they ask us to probe an undeserving death of someone. Our legal experts will uncover the mystery behind the demise, give you answers, and help your family get fair compensation.


Employees commit their energy, time, and ideas at work daily. We educate both workers and management about labor laws. Anytime an employer wrongfully tampers with your rights, The Henry Law Firm will support you. We will work with anyone that has been terminated undeservingly, helping you get the best legal method possible.


An aggressive Independence, OH attorney at The Henry Law Firm can help you handle a consumer right case. We will stand by you and appeal against companies that cheated you, offered inferior products, or took advantage of consumers. Usually, we will pursue class action cases to use the power of collective action for a practical purpose.


Anybody can have a slip and fall accident anytime. Often, negligence is the root cause of these problems and can result in serious injury. Whenever you require the services of a personal injury lawyer due to this kind of accident, feel free to contact The Henry Law Firm. We will help you receive a well-deserved legal right to enable you to concentrate on your recovery.


Every business owner or property has the responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment. Also, visitors to any facility have the right to be pretty safe. If there’s not enough security, you may have a negligence claim. Whenever you or your family suffers damages or injuries in a robbery, assault, or other unlawful incidents on someone’s property, reach out to The Henry Law Firm.


With years of expertise in personal injury law, The Henry Law Firm can help you get the best results by winning your case for you. We understand that legal battles over employment law and car accidents can be challenging to navigate on your own, but with the right legal help and guidance, you can focus on recovery. The Henry Law Firm approaches every case in a customizable manner depending on your unique needs, desires, and expectations. This allows us to craft the ultimate legal experience, so you can reach the best possible outcome.

If you need an Independence, Ohio personal injury lawyer, contact The Henry Law Firm today. We guarantee you can count on us.