Youngstown Child Abuse Attorney

Youngstown Child Abuse Attorney

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Learning your child may have been abused or neglected is every parent’s worst nightmare. And when you do suspect abuse has occurred, it is natural to be overwhelmed. Before you act rashly, you’ll want to report the case to the local Youngstown authorities to begin an investigation, and call us at The Henry Law Firm. It’s important that you understand your legal rights and your child’s as you begin to navigate the criminal justice system and pursue civil litigation.

If your child has been abused or neglected, our legal team is here to help. It’s vital that you not only have an experienced local attorney at your side, but also one who is well-versed in providing the support needed during this challenging time. The Henry Law Firm has handled numerous child abuse and neglect cases, meaning we understand what you and your child are facing. We’ll help you understand your rights and options, answer any questions you have, and help connect you with additional resources that can help you endure this painful situation.


Our Youngstown lawyer will work with you and your family to get you the results you deserve while providing you with the support you need.


Leveraging the latest legal services technology, The Henry Law Firm is well-equipped to create the strongest possible case on your behalf.


Our Youngstown legal team is well-versed in the best investigatory techniques, and can help uncover the evidence necessary to present the most compelling case possible.


We understand the importance of and have deep experience crafting a clear and convincing narrative to maximize our chances of a successful case disposition.

What to Do After Child Abuse and Neglect

If your child, or a child in your custody, has suffered an injury due to abuse or neglect, get them the medical treatment they need immediately. Whether they have or haven’t suffered physical injuries in need of immediate treatment:

    • Acknowledge to your child that the abuse is not their fault
    • Share that you will provide whatever support they need
    • Encourage your child to share with you in detail what has happened

    • Take steps to separate your child from their abuser
    • Contact your local child protective services agency or local police department
  • We Fight for Your Family After Abuse or Neglect

    If your child has been abused or neglected, we understand the overwhelming amount of stress you face. If you’re helping your child recover from abuse, we’ll work with you to gather the evidence you need to make the strongest possible case against the abuser. We understand how difficult your child may have found even discussing the abuse with you, and we’ll work with you and your child to gather evidence while minimizing your child’s exposure to the legal system to the greatest extent possible.


    Civil Claims for Child Abuse or Neglect

    Aside from your rights through law enforcement, it is possible for you to pursue a civil lawsuit on behalf of your child. Civil lawsuits are possible if your child suffered abuse or neglect through a daycare facility, a school, a recreation center, an after-school program, a member of the clergy, and more.

    Pursuing a civil lawsuit can be a powerful tool to help your child obtain the physical or mental treatment he or she will need to overcome the abuse or neglect. A successful lawsuit will not only set your child up for future success, but help them return to the life they once loved.

    Our Youngstown Child Abuse Attorney Is Your Advocate

    Not only do we provide expert legal services to families whose children have suffered abuse, but we also help connect families with the resources they need to manage the emotional, medical, financial, and legal consequences of the abuse. Our compassionate legal team will be there every step of the way, helping you and your family recover while aggressively fighting for justice.


    Your Youngstown, OH Child Abuse Attorney

    Navigating child abuse cases requires an expert attorney with substantial experience in the local legal community. You need a lawyer who understands the local legal landscape, who thoroughly understands your rights under the law, and who can help you understand your legal options. When you work with an experienced child abuse attorney from The Henry Law Firm, you’ll have the advocate you need who will be with you and your family from the day you call us to the day the verdict is read.

    Why Choose Us?

    The experienced child abuse attorney at The Henry Law Firm has considerable experience working with the families of abused or neglected children. Our use of the latest best practices in investigatory and evidence-gathering techniques helps us get to the facts of each case. We use cutting-edge legal services technology to help prepare your case and keep you informed. We guarantee you won’t find a better legal representative for your child abuse case in Youngstown.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Child abuse or neglect comprises deliberate or unintentional acts that either harm a child or put a child at grave risk of being harmed. Child abuse can fall into several categories, including:

          • Abandonment
          • Emotional abuse
          • Human trafficking
          • Neglect
          • Parental substance abuse
          • Physical abuse
          • Sexual abuse

    Unfortunately, acts of child abuse are usually perpetrated by someone the child knows and trusts, such as a family member, neighbor, or teacher.



    It can be difficult to spot the signs of abuse, as some telltale changes in behavior may result from natural child development. However, sudden and dramatic social withdrawal, aggression, or antisocial behavior may indeed be symptoms of child abuse, especially when coupled with other indications. If you suspect your child may have been the victim of abuse, keep your eyes open for the following signs:

          • Sudden and continuous aggression, hostility, or antisocial behavior
          • Withdrawal from activities, loved ones, and friends
          • Depression, loss of self-esteem, anxiety, and suicidal ideation
          • Acts of self-harm or suicide attempts
          • Runaway attempts
          • Poor hygiene
          • Malnourishment
          • Untreated medical or dental issues
          • Inconsistent school attendance records
          • Severe and rapid weight gain or loss
          • Sexual knowledge inappropriate for a child’s age
          • Reluctance to go to certain places (where the abuser is)

    Your child will likely be hesitant about confiding in anyone about what they face. You must reaffirm they are not at fault for the abuse but gently press them on the details so that you can get them the help they need. Even if you don’t have the whole story, report your suspicions to the local authorities as soon as possible to start an investigation.

    After you contact the authorities, give us a call so that we can coordinate our efforts with local law enforcement and prosecutors as necessary and obtain the information we need to help you navigate this painful process.



    In many child abuse cases, obtaining proof can be challenging. However, our legal team has the experience necessary to compile all the evidence that can be obtained to support your claims.

    If you’re helping your child recover from the aftermath of abuse, you may want to preserve:

          • Relevant medical records and history, pre-abuse
          • Your child’s cell phone records, email accounts, and social media accounts
          • Copies of police reports, as applicable
          • Any witness contact information or written statements

    There are many other forms of evidence that our experienced Youngstown, OH child abuse attorney can help you obtain.

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