“Retaining Eric was the best decision I ever made.”

Amanda T.

“As a single mother of 5 children, it was incredibly intimidating taking on a big bank. However, Eric was with me every step of the way. He explained things to me in a way I could understand. He always made time for me, answering my questions, regardless of how trivial. His composure and knowledge of the case during trial was incredible. I not only won, but was awarded more than I could have imagined. He changed my life and I’m truly grateful.”

“Eric made me feel very comfortable and kept me informed about the case every step of the way.”

June S.

“I would like to acknowledge attorney Eric Henry for his professionalism while handling my litigation. Lawsuits can be very uncomfortable and stressful while you are going through the process. I would be proud to refer my family, friends and even strangers to him, and I am sure they will be happy with his legal expertise.”

“If I had to go through it again, I would still choose Eric Henry to represent my case.”

Keith W.

“From the moment we first met Eric, he presented himself with honesty and a hard work ethic.  He not only negotiated a settlement, but dug into the details to inform our family of what exactly happened.  Over the course of this process Eric would always give detailed updates and spent the time to ensure we were on the same page.”

“Eric made me feel like a friend instead of just another client.”

Nico S.

“Eric is an amazing lawyer! He is compassionate, driven, and empathetic. He would not stop until justice was met for me. He also provided me with some great insight into my situation.”

“Eric Henry comes highly recommended by us, not only for his skill and his knowledge of the law, but most certainly how he cares for his clients.”

The Evans Family

“Eric Henry not only represented me, but my family as well when we were in need of legal counsel. Because of his kind, caring, and friendly demeanor, my husband and I now consider him a friend of the family. He would constantly reach out to see how our family was doing throughout the duration of our case. After hearing from a judge and court magistrate regarding how well he represented our case, it came as no surprise why we were successful in winning. ”

“Eric worked night and day on my case not only to help us, but to make sure this never happens again to anyone else.”

Nancy W.

“Eric Henry did an amazing job for my step son and I after the I wrongful death of my husband. He worked hard and was really knowledgeable and found the best experts to help with the case. Eric worked night and day on my case not only to help us, but to make sure this never happens again to anyone else. No amount of money will bring my husband back but knowing no one else will have to go through this pain helps. He got a great settlement and went above and beyond for us. Very Professional. I highly recommend Eric Henry and the Henry Law Firm for legal needs.”