Aggressive Shaker Heights, Ohio Attorney

Aggressive Shaker Heights, Ohio Attorney

Compassionate Collaborator

When searching for the best Shaker Heights, Ohio attorney consider speaking with the talented attorney at The Henry Law Firm. Whether you are in the midst of a car accident case, the wrongful death of a family member, or facing employment law troubles, we can assist you and get you the results you desire.

You can find the right lawyer at The Henry Law Firm, as we provide personalized and client-centered services. We use the most advanced technologies and modern methods for launching investigations to ensure we get the best outcomes for our clients. Contact us to find out more.

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If you are looking for the best attorney in Shaker Heights, Ohio, we will provide you with excellent services. You can work with our lawyer who works closely with clients and keeps them up to date with any new changes. We work for our clients and ensure to meet all their needs. When our clients need defending, we’re the aggressive representation they need.

We are different from other Shaker Heights, Ohio attorneys for multiple reasons, including:

  • Client-centered: We communicate with our clients constantly and work out all issues in a timely manner.
  • Technology-focused: We store all case files in the cloud for easy access.
  • Modern investigative techniques: Attorney Eric Henry is a licensed private investigator who will get to the bottom of your case no matter how long it takes.

Storytelling: We work with our clients to develop their stories using essential presentation tools.


Are you looking for a Shaker Heights lawyer specializing in personal injury cases? The Henry Law Firm offers excellent legal services to protect clients harmed from medical negligence in the workplace, automotive accidents, or due to a slip-and-fall accident.

We utilize remote communication technologies to keep track of our clients so that they can get the medical care they need while we handle their legal representation. You will only have to cover any legal fees if we recover funds for you from your personal injury case. As such, we align with your interests to recover the maximum amount possible.


Car crashes occur regularly throughout the United States, and you will need a reputable Shaker Heights Lawyer in a car accident case. Serious car accidents may lead to hefty medical bills, lost work hours, and wage losses. If you or your loved ones have suffered from an automotive accident, seek assistance from The Henry Law Firm today.


Semi-truck accidents often leave families without an income, with devastating medical bills and loss of work. The right compensation in case of a semi-truck accident is essential, and our Shaker Heights lawyer from The Henry Law Firm will investigate the vehicular crash to create a strong case.

We will advocate for your needs and ensure you get the compensation you need after a semi-truck accident.


Workplace injuries often occur at construction sites, which are one of the most dangerous workplaces, with hundreds of workers getting injured or even killed every year. At times, you may face life-altering injuries from a construction site accident, including spinal cord and brain injuries.

If you or your loved one got severely injured at a construction site, contact our Shaker Heights lawyer today.


Whatever the reason for your personal injury, our Shaker Heights Lawyer will represent you to the best of our ability and ensure you gain the compensation you deserve. We will get you the best legal outcomes and necessary healthcare services after a personal injury. We devote our days to helping you in case of medical negligence or an everyday injury.

Our modern approach to medical injury cases should help protect your livelihood in case of a personal injury.


Has your loved one passed away due to medical negligence? Are you facing a wrongful death case in your family? If so, contact The Henry Law Firm for assistance in investigating the wrongful death of your close one. We will investigate far and wide to determine the causes of your loved one’s death. We will work hard to gain fair compensation for your family.


Unfortunately, medical experts can make mistakes just like you and I. Most of the time, these mistakes are unplanned, but the damage can be lifelong. Medical malpractice can appear in many ways such as a misdiagnosis, unnecessary surgery, and even misread lab results. If you suspect you or a loved one has been involved in an act of medical malpractice, Eric Henry is here to assist you. He is ready to fight for your rights, so you can begin the journey toward recovery.


Your aging parent or loved one deserves quality, trusting care in a nursing home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as many facilities fail to uphold their legal and ethical responsibility. If you believe your loved one’s rights and trust have been violated, you must take action immediately. Eric Henry is an experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorney who is ready to fight for your loved one’s rights, no matter the scenario.


Slip-and-fall accidents can happen at any time and in any situation. Often, an accident of this nature may be related to negligence. For instance, on a winter day, the walkway outside a store may get too icy. You may end up falling and hurting yourself.

If the business owner did not add salt and remove the snow and ice outside their business, you might hold them responsible for your fall. If your accident was due to someone else’s negligence, contact our law firm for an effective personal injury lawyer who will help you get the compensation you deserve.


Have you or your loved one suffered due to armed robbery or a criminal assault? If so, the business owner may have insufficient security and you will lack the safety required in a public place. Contact our law firm to get the best representation for your negligent security case.


When seeking the best Shaker Heights Ohio attorney, The Henry Law Firm has an expert lawyer specializing in personal injury cases. Our attorney has legal expertise ranging from car accident cases and slip and fall accidents to workplace injuries and wrongful death lawsuits. No matter what your personal injury is, our lawyer will fight for you.

If you’re ready to talk, contact us today for your personal injury case. We will work hard to maximize your recovery amount and ensure you receive justice.


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