Employment Law

We give a lot to our employers. Our time away from our family and doing the things we love to do. Often our blood, sweat, and tears. We do it to help build a business and to support a way of life.

When an employer wrongly takes that opportunity to make a living away from you, you need to stand up for your rights and to protect your family. I stand with people wrongfully terminated.

In Ohio, employers have wide latitude to legally terminate at will employees. What they cannot do, however, is terminate someone on the basis of race, gender, or national origin. It is also a matter of common sense to say that employers may not discriminate against or harass their existing employees on these bases. Common sense is not as common as it should be, however.

Nobody should have to endure harassment or discrimination in the workplace. With my clients, I fight to enforce the law and community standards against bad-acting employers.

Feeling Wronged? Let’s Discuss Your Case

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated or subjected to a hostile work environment, contact me and we will explore our options.