Consumer Rights & Class Action

Consumers have a right to expect some fundamental fairness when spending their money with a business.

My consumer rights practice does not unfairly target businesses that have made honest mistakes or technical violations of law. Instead, I litigate against businesses that purposefully take advantage of consumers, rip people off, or deliver an inferior product or service.

Oftentimes, the only way a consumer can have any recourse after getting ripped off by a company is through class action litigation.

Class actions are unique lawsuits that pool the power and resources of a large group of consumers to take on a company that has violated the law. Without the power of collective action, companies would be free to take advantage of consumers so long as the harm to consumers was below what it would cost an individual to act against the business.

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I seek fairness for consumers under consumer protection laws and statutes.

If you think you have been harmed in your personal, professional, or commercial dealings with a business contact me to discuss your rights.