Aggressive Parma, Ohio Attorney

Aggressive Parma, Ohio Attorney

Compassionate Collaborator

Eric Henry - Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you seeking justice for a personal injury, wrongful death of a loved one, or consumer rights with little or no experience with personal injury claims? The Henry Law Firm understands that the legal system can easily overwhelm you with paperwork and devalue your claim. That’s why our Parma, Ohio attorney uses modern investigation techniques and technology to get results.

We help our clients through the entire process with our signature civil system that goes above and beyond the typical law practice — gathering high-quality evidence and unpacking your issues. We pride ourselves on our client-centered approach so that you can navigate your case with high-quality legal representation when you need it most.


Unlike traditional law firms that bill their clients for their time, The Henry Law Firm sticks to the roots of law with compassion and transparent case processing. We work closely with our clients to understand where your case fits within the law and how to best craft your story into a winning court case. You can expect our Parma, Ohio legal team to use:

  • Client-centered: We work with you from the very beginning to build your case and keep regular and open communications.
  • Technology-focused: Your case files are cloud-accessible so you can look at them whenever you need to.
  • Modern investigators: As a licensed private investigator, Eric Henry takes as much time as is necessary to build a strong case for you.
  • Storytellers: using modern presentation tools and depictive methods, we tell your story to the court effectively and compellingly.


Are you looking for understanding with a professional Parma, Ohio attorney with proven winning personal injury cases? Look no further than The Henry Law Firm’s gold standard in 21st-century legal representation.

For over five years, we have served the Parma, Ohio area with modern law strategies that get results. We speak the legal language that protects employees from workplace injury, patients from medical negligence, and suits by or against state and federal governments.

Our clients collaborate with our legal staff and top medical professionals in the greater Parma area to help you budget your expenses to avoid collections. Our Parma, Ohio lawyer believes in a successful recovery. That means we’re flexible enough to work long hours for you because we want to.

We won’t charge you hourly fees, ask for payments if you don’t win your case, or draw your case out. Instead, we maximize your recovery using contingency fees so that you only have to pay legal costs after a successful recovery. Call The Henry Law Firm today and tell us about your injury case.


Too sore or anxious to deal with the stress of finding a good Parma, Ohio lawyer who will investigate crash scenes and negotiate on your behalf? Talk to our lawyer today to find a resolution. We specialize in helping drivers and their families find resolve after car accidents. With us, winning your injury case can subsidize medical bills and earn paid time off and fairness for drivers seeking a Parma, Ohio attorney.


Protecting your medical bills and financial loss after a semi-truck accident is overwhelming without our top-rated licensed private investigations. We use our investigation systems to build a case that helps you access benefits, medical bill assistance, paid time off, financial aid, and peace of mind during your accident recovery. If you’re recovering from a truck accident, contact us today to find out how much your case is worth.


The Henry Law Firm believes that tradesmen deserve top-tier Parma, Ohio lawyer defense when they’ve incurred injury on the job. After all, power linemen, plumbers, iron workers, and tradesmen alike provide critical infrastructure repairs. So, call us today for a free consultation on starting a workplace injury suit after you’ve been injured in a construction site accident.


Suffering from a severe injury at work, car accident, or private property can leave you vulnerable to legal abuse by insurance companies and big corporations. If you were too overwhelmed to collect evidence, you might not be sure where to start. Contact The Henry Law Firm today for a complimentary consultation to get the best legal advice for your next steps to financial compensation.


When families come to us with the loss of a loved one at the expense of wrongful death, we arm ourselves with world-class investigation networks that find answers. Our Parma, Ohio attorney prides himself on helping grieving families get fair compensation and find closure. Get in touch with our Parma, Ohio legal team today if you suspect a loved one has fallen victim to negligence or medical malpractice.


Did you know that you may have a typical medical malpractice claim if you’ve been left with unaffordable medical bills after a misdiagnosis? The Henry Law Firm can help you find answers while you focus on healing. Please don’t wait to call our Parma, Ohio lawyer today to understand your rights regarding prescribed medication errors, delayed diagnosis, or birth injuries.


We understand how hard it was to move your elder into a nursing home. If they’ve experienced abandonment or abuse, it can be difficult to find the right Parma, Ohio lawyer. We stand up against nursing home abuse and support families with high-quality legal advice. Contact us today if you suspect your loved one is a victim of abuse in a nursing home.


As your Parma, Ohio attorney, we get right to work even if you’ve had a simple accident. If you’ve had a slip and fall accident, focus on recovery and leave the injury case to use. We offer legal personal injury counseling that helps our clients get injury assistance and lower expensive medical bills. Call us today to see how our Parma, Ohio attorney can help you secure compensation for your slip and fall injuries.


The Henry Law Firm knows how frustrating it can be when you don’t feel safe in your dormitory, shop at your favorite retail, or even your apartment. We can help you recover damages incurred from negligent or inadequate security. Reach out for a no-cost legal consultation if you’ve been a sufferer of an attack, assault, or robbery and experienced financial damage due to inadequate or negligent security on liable properties.


We mix the traditional values of law with modern technology to give the city of Parma, Ohio legal assistance with winning case results in personal injury cases. Legal disputes are exhausting after suffering from a car accident or injury, but they can still end in your favor.

With our client-centered holistic approach, our clients trust our legal advice to help them reach their goals beyond legal representation. That means that we listen to our clients, motivate you to participate in your settlement, and create a strategy that offers you the best outcomes for your case.

The Henry Law Firm is your personalized legal lawyer that helps you craft a personal injury case through the legal system without the headaches and hassle. If you’re ready to start a personal injury settlement with a successful recovery, call our team today for a complimentary consultation.