Lorain Elder Abuse Lawyer

Lorain Elder Abuse Lawyer

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Discovering that an elderly loved one has been abused by the people entrusted with their care is one of the most hurtful things anyone can experience. As overwhelming as it might be, you need to speak with a Lorain elder abuse lawyer to help you fight for justice. The legal issues surrounding the care and protection of the elderly can be extensive and confusing for someone without litigation experience.

The Henry Law Firm will help you build a strong elder abuse case, exploring all the legal options to help you claim your rights. For many years, we have helped Ohio residents fight for compensation against injuries and losses caused by institutions. We represent our beloved senior citizens in cases where they have been injured because of neglect by caretakers. If your family member suffered harm because of abuse, contact our compassionate attorney for legal assistance.


Our attorney wants what is best for you, and he strives to adapt to the changing circumstances of your case to help you get the best outcome.


Using industry-leading technology tools, our attorney stays on top of each case with thorough communication and advanced case investigation.


Leaving no stones unturned, our Lorain legal team investigates every detail of your elderly abuse case ensuring we have all the needed facts to move to litigation.


We’ve perfected the art of storytelling to ensure that we deliver all the facts descriptively, and make a compelling argument to win your case.

What to Do After Elder Abuse

Our Lorain elder abuse attorney will help you understand your legal options after learning your loved one has fallen victim to elder abuse. It’s vital that you protect and support your loved one after they have confided in you regarding this serious matter. To help prevent it from happening again, we suggest your loved one:

    • Seeks medical attention immediately
    • Understands that they did nothing wrong
    • Feels encouraged to share their story

  • Has support in gathering evidence
  • Is separated from the abuser as soon as possible

We Fight for Your Family After Elder Abuse

At the Henry Law Firm, our attorney understands the pain that elderly abuse can bring to a family. Our legal team will help you find recourse for all Lorain elderly abuse cases against care facilities, hospitals, private caregivers, and any responsible parties. We have worked on similar cases in Lorain, Ohio, and understand how the legal system works. If your loved one died or suffered a grave injury because of neglect from a caregiver, we will help your family fight for justice.


Our Lorain Elder Abuse Lawyer Is Your Advocate

Finding the right attorney to represent your elderly loved one can be a long and difficult process. You want to ensure that they receive the justice they deserve, but you’re unsure if you’ll find a lawyer who will be a good fit for your case. When you choose our legal representation, you can rest assured that our experienced and knowledgeable attorney is backed by a supportive team of legal experts to ensure every aspect of litigation is covered.

Your Lorain, OH Elder Abuse Lawyer

Our attorney is here to help you navigate through life’s most difficult phases. We have decades of experience assisting Lorain, Ohio residents to find justice when aggrieved by elderly nursing homes, hospitals, insurance companies, assisted living facilities, and more. Our legal team will work on your Lorain elderly abuse case from start to finish, guiding you through all the legal phases and ensuring you get a fair hearing.

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Why Choose Us?

At Henry Law Firm, we always strive to ensure justice is served. Our Lorain elderly abuse attorney has the best legal experience, and he knows how to navigate different aspects of your case, right from investigation to litigation and judgment. Our in-house team is very compassionate and treats every client with the best level of care and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions


Elder abuse is more prevalent than you might think, and learning the warning signs will help you protect your loved ones from harm. Elder abuse is any relationship where someone entrusted with the care of the elderly causes them injury and distress. We can help you bring an elder abuse lawsuit which:

  • The use of physical force results in wrongful death, bodily injury, physical death, or impairment.
  • Inflicting emotional pain and distress using verbal and non-verbal actions
  • Neglecting or deserting the elderly under your care
  • Failing to respond to their distress calls on time
  • Illegal or improper use of the elderly’s funds or assets
  • Performing non-consensual sexual acts on the elderly

The Henry Law Firm will help you understand all of your legal options and help you fight on behalf of your elderly loved one.


Under Ohio law, anyone can report cases of abuse as long as they have reason to believe that an elderly person’s condition is caused by abuse or neglect, even when you don’t have physical evidence. An investigation ensues once you file the report.

Cases for the elderly under home-based care can be filed with the Ohio Board of Developmental Disabilities, while the Department of Health covers reports on licensed health care facilities.

Contact the Henry Law Firm for qualified legal advice on filing your report and the best Lorain elder abuse lawyer to help you win your case.


Elder abuse is subject to criminal litigation in some states, and some crimes can carry a jail term. The penalties for abuse-related crimes on the elderly depend on the severity of the offense, the defendant’s prior criminal history, and the level of harm to the victim.

For instance, sexual assault cases have harsher judgments than petty theft. Causing grievous bodily harm to a victim can be treated as a felony. The judgment hammer usually falls harder on offenders with a prior criminal record and people holding a position of trust in the victim’s life. Typical punishments include incarceration and fines. Restitution is a judgment requiring the victim to be compensated for the loss incurred.


Some signs of elder abuse can be hard to recognize, especially where the victim is in a frail state. For example, while bruises can be a sure sign of physical abuse, it won’t be easy to tell when a victim is undergoing sexual or emotional abuse. Sometimes it’s good to go with your gut and file a report when you feel something isn’t right.

A thorough investigation should reveal any form of abuse and help to get the perpetrators convicted. The Henry Law Firm can connect you with a qualified Lorain elder abuse lawyer to help with the case.