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Lorain Child Abuse Lawyer

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One out of every four children in the U.S. will experience abuse or neglect at some point during their childhoods. Nearly 100,000 reports of child abuse and neglect are made in Ohio each year, making the matter of protecting children absolutely crucial in Lorain and throughout the state. Child abuse not only results in immediate expenses — such as the costs of medical treatment, foster care placement, law enforcement investigations, and financial penalties upon conviction of the crime. Unfortunately, child abuse also results in long-term consequences, including the emotional impact of the abuse, or ongoing medical needs resulting from injuries incurred through abuse.

If your child has been the victim of abuse and you wish to help them pursue compensation for their injuries or you have been accused of abusing a child, a Lorain child abuse lawyer can provide information and assistance. Here at The Henry Law Firm, our experienced attorney is well-versed in providing the support you and your child need from case start to finish. We’ve handled numerous child abuse and neglect cases, and we’re prepared to help you navigate this tragic time.


The legal team at The Henry Law Firm is focused on providing services that will help stop child abuse that is occurring and support our client.


We use the most up-to-date and innovative technology available to help our clients prepare for legal proceedings in their child abuse case.


By utilizing detective-quality investigations, we produce the best possible evidence to prove our client’s claims in court.


Every case presents multiple stories of how the event occurred, and our team will help ensure that your story is heard.

What to Do After Child Abuse and Neglect

In order to report child abuse or neglect, individuals are asked to simply provide an honest accounting of their observations that led to their suspicions. You don’t have to have proof of whether abuse actually occurred, all reasonable suspicions are considered sufficient to make a report. Some guidance in this process includes:

  • Reassure your child that the abuse is not their fault
  • Offer necessary support and comfort whenever needed
  • Encourage your child to share details of the abuse or neglect

  • Separate your child from the abuser as quickly as possible
  • Call your local child protective services or police department

We Fight for Your Family After Abuse or Neglect

Discovering your child has been abused or neglected can be very stressful and overwhelming. Our legal team will help you gather necessary evidence to build the strongest case possible against the abuser, so you can focus on helping your child recover. At times, it can be difficult for your child to discuss the abuse or neglect with you, but rest assured. Our compassionate child abuse lawyer will work with you and your child to gather information while limiting your child’s exposure to the legal system.

Civil Claims for Child Abuse or Neglect

Other than your rights through law enforcement, you also have the opportunity to pursue a civil lawsuit on behalf of your child. If your child suffered abuse or neglect through a daycare facility, a school, a recreation center, an after-school program, a member of the clergy, or another qualifying party, a civil lawsuit is possible.

Taking the step to pursue a civil lawsuit can be pivotal in helping your child obtain the physical or mental treatment he or she requires to overcome the abuse or neglect. A successful lawsuit not only sets your child up for future success, but helps them return to the life they knew prior to these unfortunate events.

Our Lorain Child Abuse Lawyer Is Your Advocate

Unfortunately, not all accusations of child abuse are legitimate. If you have been accused of child abuse, you should speak with an attorney about the matter as soon as possible, as even the suspicion of abuse can impact child custody and visitation issues. As mentioned, your story is an important part of your case. The experienced legal team at The Henry Law Firm is devoted not only to doing what we can to protect children from the life-altering impacts of child abuse, but to protect those who have been wrongly accused from the life-altering impacts that a child abuse charge will create.

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced and devoted child abuse lawyer has helped numerous families navigate cases dealing with abuse or neglect. Through our proven best practices in investigation and the gathering of evidence, we can build the best case possible. By working with The Henry Law Firm for your child abuse or neglect case, you will always receive regular case updates and never be left feeling uncertain. We are dedicated to helping you and your child return to the life you once loved.

Frequently Asked Questions


Many people think that child abuse refers only to the act of physically injuring a child. However, while physical abuse is certainly a type of abuse, there are other types as well, including:

  • Sexual abuse, which refers to any type of sexual activity with a child
  • Emotional abuse, which involves belittling the child, verbally assaulting them, or threatening harm
  • Medical abuse, which involves either withholding necessary medical care from the child or exposing the child to unneeded medical care.
  • Neglect, which involves failure to meet the child’s basic needs, such as the provision of food and water or adequate supervision.


Some of the signs that a child is being abused can include:

    • Withdrawal from activities the child previously enjoyed
    • Changes in behavior or performance in school or sports activities
    • Depression, anxiety, or the development of new fears or loss of self-confidence
    • Reluctance to leave school activities or go home after school
    • An obvious lack of supervision
    • Self-harm or suicide attempts


While most states prohibit children from filing personal injury claims, Ohio allows children to seek compensation for their injuries just as adults do. Some of the types of compensation they can obtain through a personal injury claim following child abuse include:

  • Past, current, and future medical and mental health expenses related to treating the child after they have been abused
  • The costs of long-term medical care for child abuse injuries, including home care or treatment at a long-term nursing home
  • The cost of special schools or programs needed to assist the child in obtaining an education
  • Permanent disfigurement or disabilities resulting from the abuse
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish


In order to prove a child abuse claim, certain evidence and documentation must be shown, such as:

  • The testimony of the child, the child’s caregivers, and those who witnessed the abuse
  • Written descriptions or observations of the child’s behavior
  • Medical documentation, such as the results of X-rays, lab tests, and physical examinations
  • Observations of the interactions between the child and their caregivers
  • The child’s physical and developmental history
  • Pertinent school records, such as attendance records
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