Independence Elder Abuse Lawyer

Independence Elder Abuse Lawyer

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At The Henry Law Firm, we aim to provide our clients with compassionate, reliable support through their personal injury claim journeys. When you have suffered elder abuse in Independence, you need an attorney who will work with you at every step of the process, from collecting necessary evidence to pulling it all together as part of a compelling, effective personal injury claim that will help increase your odds of obtaining the full compensation you, or an elderly loved one, deserves for those often severe injuries. We help support our clients through every step of that process so that they can feel confident about the resolution to their claims.


We work hard to provide the support you need through the claim.


We collect evidence and communicate using the latest, most effective technology.


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What to Do After Elder Abuse

Whether you have suffered elder abuse yourself or suspect that a loved one is suffering from elder abuse, it’s important to quickly alleviate the abuse, collect evidence, and pursue legal action.

  • Contact a lawyer to learn what you should do next.
  • Remove yourself or your loved one from the situation as soon as possible.
  • Collect any obvious evidence, including any possible video footage.

  • Document any bruises or injuries.
  • Report the abuse to the abuser’s employer, if needed.

We Fight for Your Family After Elder Abuse

Discovering that a loved one has suffered from elder abuse can feel incredibly traumatic. If you have suffered from elder abuse yourself, you may need to know that there is someone on your side who will support you, fight for you, and provide you with all the information you need about your next steps, including how you can best protect yourself in the future. At The Henry Law Firm, we provide our clients with comprehensive support at every stage of the claim process, including fighting to win the compensation you deserve.

Our Independence Elder Abuse Attorney Has Two Priorities

At The Henry Law Firm, we focus on two key priorities. Our first priority is you: ensuring that you feel supported and are able to pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Our second is working to make sure that your abuser takes responsibility for as much of the damage they have caused as possible. We fight hard on our clients’ behalf to keep the focus on their needs and priorities throughout the claim, rather than allowing the insurance company to focus on its own needs and desires.

Your Independence, OH Elder Abuse Attorney

When you suffer from elder abuse, or have a loved one who has suffered from elder abuse, you need someone who will focus on your family’s needs. Often, insurance companies keep their focus on what they need: reducing the compensation they have to pay out as much as possible. At The Henry Law Firm, we help our clients go over the losses they have faced and the compensation they deserve so that we can fight for their rights. When you need an elder abuse attorney, contact The Henry Law Firm to learn more about how to progress with your claim.

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Why Choose Us?

Elder abuse can be complicated both legally and emotionally. You need an attorney who will help protect your rights at every step of the process, whether you’re getting ready to gather evidence against an abuser or you’re trying to pursue compensation through the insurance company. At The Henry Law Firm, we make sure our clients feel supported and that they receive the assistance they need to maximize the compensation they can recover as much as possible. We aim to help you learn more about your rights, to help you protect those rights, and to offer you the comprehensive support you need throughout every stage of your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions


Elder abuse can take several forms. Elderly residents of Independence have the right to a high standard of care and protection through their golden years, and when a caregiver or other entity violates those standards, it could constitute abuse.

Physical abuse occurs when someone threatens or causes physical harm against a senior. It may include hitting, pinching, or simply intimidating as well as other types of abuse. Physical abuse often leaves obvious bruises and marks.

Mental/emotional abuse may involve emotional manipulation or bullying. Sometimes, abusers may attempt to separate the senior from loved ones, denying contact in an effort to create a specific response or manipulation.

Sexual abuse includes any unwanted sexual contact, including contact with the genitals, breasts, or rectal area.

Financial abuse occurs when someone deliberately takes advantage of the senior financially, including manipulating the senior into giving financial gifts or paying specific bills. Financial abusers may attempt to take over the senior’s finances and fail to pay the senior’s bills while using those funds for their own purposes.

Neglect occurs when a senior does not receive the standard of care needed in a specific care setting. Neglect may include failure to provide adequate food, water, healthcare, or help with basic hygiene tasks.


Often, seniors will try to hide abuse, especially signs of mental or emotional abuse. Seniors may not want to draw attention to their own vulnerability or admit to that weakness. However, you may see several clear signs of abuse, including:

  • Increasing injuries, including unexplained injuries.
  • Signs of fear when approached by a specific caregiver or other individual.
  • Financial problems, including a senior’s bills not getting paid in spite of the fact that the senior should have more than adequate funds.
  • Withdrawal on the part of the senior, including lack of involvement with friends and family members or lack of desire to discuss some aspects of their lives.


Compensation for elder abuse may depend on a variety of factors, including where the abuse occurred and who bears liability for the abuse. However, in general, you can expect to recover compensation for:

  • Any medical bills, or increased medical bills, related to the abuse you have faced.
  • The cost of moving to a new facility, in the case of patients whose standard of care or physical state has deteriorated so far because of the abuse that they may need additional care.
  • Pain and suffering.


Several people may bear liability for elder abuse in Independence, depending on who was responsible for caring for your loved one at the time of the abuse. Liable entities may include:

  • A nursing home where neglect or abuse occurred
  • A staffing agency that provided staff members
  • A caregiver who failed to care appropriately for a loved one

Talk to a lawyer to learn more about who may bear liability for elder abuse.