Aggressive Euclid, Ohio Attorney

Aggressive Euclid, Ohio Attorney

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For the best Euclid, Ohio attorney, contact The Henry Law Firm. Our firm can help you with your case regardless of whether you’re dealing with a personal injury, a consumer rights case, or a wrongful death. We’re a client-centered firm, meaning you’ll have a complete understanding of the legal system and your case. Here at The Henry Law Firm, we work side by side with every client so we can help you achieve the best case outcome possible. If you need a compassionate Euclid, Ohio attorney that you can count on, we encourage you to contact our legal team today.

Eric Henry - Personal Injury Lawyer


At The Henry Law Firm, we realize there’s a certain perception of lawyers — they’re old-fashioned, they talk down to their clients, and they work in stuffy offices. However, we can assure you that our legal practice is different since we work for our clients. We make sure each and every client is completely aware of everything going on in a case. By retaining our Euclid lawyer, Eric Henry, you’ll be receiving open communication and focused attention, whether that’s in-person, by letter, on the phone, or even email and text. We’ll work with you through whichever method of communication works best.

There are several reasons why you can expect a different experience with The Henry Law Firm than with any other Euclid, Ohio law firm. These include:

  • Client-centered: We’ll work together through problems, communicate openly and regularly, and develop your case.
  • Technology-focused: You can access your case file at any time since we keep all of our case files in the cloud. This allows you to stay informed and up-to-date on your case.
  • Modern investigative techniques: Our aggressive Euclid, Ohio attorney, is a licensed private investigator who will roll up his sleeves and complete lengthy research for information that will help build your case.
  • Storytelling: Each court case is a story. Together, we’ll build your court case and our Euclid lawyer will use leading depictions and presentation tools throughout the process.


We take every measure here at The Henry Law Firm to keep our clients protected when they’ve suffered personal injury either at work or in everyday life, or because of medical negligence. We have a committed and highly talented legal team with years of experience who goes above and beyond to ensure your livelihood is well-protected. And, you only pay legal fees if your case is successful. Our Euclid, Ohio attorney handles a range of legal areas, which include the following:


Car crashes and accidents occur all the time in the U.S. and lead to millions of injuries every year. These crashes can result in loss of paychecks, expensive medical bills, and damage to families and individuals. Our Euclid lawyer will investigate the crash circumstances to determine fault, and advocate to recover the best possible compensation every time. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a car crash, contact our office for a free consultation here at The Henry Law Firm.


Semi-truck crashes occur frequently in the U.S. Crashes in such big trucks like this can lead to severe injuries, decreased hours at work, unexpected medical bills, and more. Our Euclid, Ohio attorney knows how important it is to receive fair compensation following an accident like this, particularly for those who support children or their families. And, semi-truck crashes can cause severe, possibly even life-threatening injuries, similar to car crashes or worse.


Construction workers work in very hazardous conditions. Each year, hundreds of construction workers are injured or killed in construction accidents. Accidents like these can cause life-changing spinal cord or brain injuries, head injuries, lost limbs, and more. Eric Henry and his team are here to help you make it through these devastating times.


When an individual acts negligently or carelessly and it leads to mental, physical, or emotional harm or pain, they’re the ones who are responsible for this harm. Our Euclid lawyer will work on your behalf to make sure those responsible for a personal injury you sustained are held financially accountable.


The loss of a loved one can be devastating. And, there’s no work that’s more essential to us than a family having faith in the services we provide for when a loved one is taken away too soon. If a company is careless or an individual is negligent and it takes a loved one away from you, our Euclid, Ohio attorney can help you fight for the compensation you deserve for the loss of companionship and society, income, and services to the family.


You give your employers a lot. Our aggressive Euclid, Ohio attorney, fights for his clients, enforcing community standards and the law against employers who are acting wrongfully in areas including, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, workplace sexual harassment, and more. We’ll work closely with you to hold the responsible parties accountable.


When spending their hard-earned money with businesses, consumers should be able to expect some fundamental fairness. In many cases, the only recourse a consumer has after being ripped off by a business is through class action litigation. The Henry Law Firm litigates against companies that take advantage of consumers on purpose through inferior products and services.


Anyone can have an accident at any time. A large range of conditions can cause slips and falls, but frequently, unsafe conditions like poor lighting, missing or faulty handrails, and more result from negligence. If you’ve been injured because of another person’s negligence, contact our Euclid lawyer, Eric Henry, today for your free consultation.


You have the right to feel and be reasonably safe when you’re a guest at a business or property. It’s the business or property owner’s obligation to ensure the premises are safe and secure. This isn’t just true for dangerous or hazardous conditions, but for criminal activity too. The Henry Law Firm can provide you with legal counsel if you are someone you know has suffered any damage or injuries in any type of criminal incident on another person’s property.


Throughout Eric Henry’s professional career, he’s gained a clear understanding of the value behind being a tough negotiator and creative problem solver. He’s represented large businesses around the country and has experience in various civil law areas, including defense work, plaintiff’s work, negotiating deals, and drafting contracts. He can provide his clients with innovative 21st-century legal representation since he’s continually learning new techniques, technologies, and strategies. If you’re ready to take action in your personal injury case, we encourage you to contact The Henry Law Firm today.