Cleveland Work Injury Lawyer

Cleveland Work Injury Lawyer

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When you sustain a workplace injury, you often experience physical, emotional, and financial stress. You deserve the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits possible. The Henry Law Firm is committed to protecting our clients who have been injured on the job. Your claim against your employer for a workplace injury will typically be redressable through a workers’ compensation claim. However, you may have additional claims apart from, and in addition to, a workers’ compensation claim.

The Henry Law Firm will work to place you in the care of a trusted partner to handle your workers’ compensation claim. In addition we will investigate the other two avenues of recovery that may be available to you depending on the facts of your case: employer intentional tort and a third-party claim. These two situations are just examples of the many situations where your workplace injury can be attributed to a third-party separate and apart from your employer. At the Henry Law Firm, we evaluate all potential claims to pursue the maximum recovery for your injury.


We understand how challenging work injury cases can be and offer you valuable support and successful representation the entire way.


Our work injury attorney in Cleveland, Ohio, utilizes the cloud so that each family member can access the case files at any time, from anywhere.


Eric Henry is a licensed private investigator providing thorough witness interviews, evidence gathering, and more to support your work injury claim.


Work injury cases are about telling your tragic story, and our Ohio work injury attorney will successfully convey the consequences of your injury.

What to Do After Work Injury

Your job provides much-needed financial stability to you and your family, and experiencing lost wages due to an accident is often frightening and stressful. To give you the peace of mind you need when healing from an injury or navigating a disability, The Henry Law Firm will fight for your right to compensation for lost wages and damages:Your job provides much-needed financial stability to you and your family, and experiencing lost wages due to an accident is often frightening and stressful. To give you the peace of mind you need when healing from an injury or navigating a disability, The Henry Law Firm will fight for your right to compensation for lost wages and damages:

  • Loss of future earnings or income
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Physical ailments

  • Medical expenses
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

We Fight for Your Family After Work Injury

Without trusted help from an experienced attorney, navigating the claims that may be available to you is stressful and you are not likely to achieve the best outcome. Typically, employees who work in construction or with heavy equipment are more susceptible to getting injured at work. However, a workplace accident can occur in any occupation.



Our Work Injury Attorney Is Your Advocate

Injury claims filed without the help of an experienced lawyer often result in denied recoveries or disappointing settlements. Our Cleveland, Ohio-based lawyer has worked on countless cases just like yours. Injury law is our sole area of practice, so injured workers like you can trust our attorney to have the knowledge and experience needed to help you pursue a claim – or claims – related to your workplace injury and win you the recovery you deserve.

Your Cleveland Work Injury Lawyer

Our attorney has gained an impressive understanding of medical concepts and strategies that lead to the best possible results for our injured clients throughout our years practicing law. Put your trust in our compassionate and diligent lawyer. We are confident that we will help you win your case and get you and your family back on your feet. Our law practice has two top priorities:

  1. Ensuring you receive the best treatment possible to recover from your accident, and
  2. Maximizing the amount of workers’ comp benefits you recover for lost income, medical treatment, pain, and all other impactful measures of your damage.

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Why Choose Us?

Injury law is a practice area that requires exceptionally skilled lawyers because attorneys must understand diagnoses and treatments, insurance claims and coverage, reimbursement and subrogation, details of workers’ compensation laws, and general civil litigation. Don’t waste your precious time and money working with an inexperienced law practice when you need a team who will work smarter and faster to help you win the compensation you deserve.

Whether you experienced an accident as a construction worker, electrician, retailer, or any other type of employee, our skilled Ohio lawyer is dedicated to fighting tirelessly for your case every step of the way. Contact The Henry Law Firm today for a free, no-obligation consultation so you can begin asking questions, discussing a strategy, and winning your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Employer Intentional Tort?

An “employer intentional tort” – Although the Ohio legislature has greatly reduced the direct claims you may make against your employer when you are injured at the jobsite, you may still have a legal claim for an employer intentional tort. This claim exists if you can show that your injury occurred as a result of your employer’s intent to injure you or if your employer committed an act with the substantial certainty that an injury would occur.

The “intent to injure” and “substantial certainty” standard is a high bar to meet. However, the law recognizes two situations where your employer’s “intent to injure ” may be inferred: when your employer intentionally removes an equipment safety guard causing you injury or if your employer has misrepresented the hazardous nature of a substance. If you believe you have a potential claim for an employer intentional tort, it is important to talk to a Cleveland Workplace Injury Lawyer right away.

What Is a Third-party Claim?

A third-party claim – Sometimes an injury at your workplace is not caused by your employer. For example, if you drive a vehicle as part of your job and are injured by a careless driver, you would have a claim both for workers’ compensation and a claim against the careless driver. Another example would be a delivery driver, who improperly loads or unloads materials that causes you injury. In that case, you would have both the workers’ compensation claim and a claim against the delivery company.

What Are Work-related Injuries?

A work-related injury is any injury, illness, or condition that you experience during your employment. Becoming injured on the job is often devastating, not only for you but also for your loved ones. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you recover compensation for lost wages, as well as the physical and emotional toll you experience from your workplace accident.

In addition to workplace injuries, our Cleveland, Ohio, injury law team also covers:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Car crashes
  • Injuries from falls
  • Dog bites
  • Other injuries caused by the fault of another person

What Are Common Workplace Injuries?

Certain workplace injuries are more common than others, and each one may call for varying degrees of medical attention. Whether you sustained damage from working in a dangerous environment or were in the wrong place at the wrong time, our skilled injury lawyer can help. Some of the most common workplace injuries include the following:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Struck by moving equipment
  • Hazardous stationary objects
  • Occupational diseases
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Falls from heights
  • Overexertion

What Constitutes as a Slip, Trip, or Fall?

No matter the industry, slips, trips, and falls prove to frequently cause injuries to employees. Walkway obstructions, wet floors, and poor lighting can cause intense injuries such as broken bones, back injuries, fractures, and concussions that result in expensive medical bills.

What Is a Repetitive Motion Injury?

Other common injuries that The Henry Law Firm sees are repetitive motion injuries. Employees who work in construction or with heavy equipment are just as susceptible to repetitive motion injuries as employees who work in office settings.

Repetitive motion injuries occur when you complete the same motion over and over at work, which causes cumulative trauma to your body. If your employer doesn’t provide ergonomic equipment or ample break times, you may be more susceptible to this type of damage.

Overexertion is similar to repetitive motion injuries. This harm occurs when workers strain their bodies to complete a task. An overexertion accident can result in pulled muscles, chronic pain, and even heart attacks. If an employer doesn’t provide enough work breaks or safety training, overexertion injuries become more likely. If you become injured due to overexertion in Ohio, reach out so that we can help you file an injury claim.

What Do I Do if I Have Been Struck by Moving Equipment?

If a moving object struck you at work, The Henry Law Firm can help you navigate your workplace accident by filing an injury claim. This type of accident can occur when falling items such as tools or building materials strike employees. Additionally, moving machinery can hit people, causing significant cuts, broken bones, head injuries, and more.

What Do I Do if I Have Been Injured by a Hazardous Stationary Object?

Moving objects aren’t alone in their ability to cause injuries, as hazardous stationary objects can also cause harm. If an employer doesn’t implement proper signs or safety protocols at a workplace, workers can easily run into machinery, powerlines, ladders, and other fixed objects, causing harmful impacts. You deserve compensation if you’ve retained harm from hazardous stationary objects in your work environment.

What Is an Occupational Disease?

An occupational disease is an illness associated with a particular line of work. These diseases can result from chemical, psychological, and physical factors in a work environment. For example, coal miners are particularly susceptible to occupational diseases such as asbestosis lung disease, silicosis, and black lung.

Additionally, many laborers experience occupational hearing loss each year, while others may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from particularly traumatic work duties or environments. The Henry Law Firm can help you win disability benefits in Cleveland, Ohio if you’ve developed an occupational disease that renders you unable to work.

What Do I Do if I Have Been Involved in a Vehicle Accident?

Whenever you drive construction equipment or ride in a company vehicle to run a work-related errand, you are at risk of a crash or accident. Vehicle accidents commonly cause concussions, broken bones, or other traumas. Depending on the severity of the impact, you may be in recovery for an extended period of time, resulting in lost wages at work. Seek help from a lawyer after experiencing this workplace injury so that we can help you secure Cleveland workers’ compensation benefits.

What Do I Do if I Have Fallen From Heights?

Broken bones and internal bleeding are some of the devastating injuries that can occur after falls from tall heights. Construction workers, commercial roofers, and electrical powerline installers are just some of the laborers who are at high risk for falls from heights. Contact our team immediately if you have retained damage from falling from a tall height while on the job.