Cleveland Child Abuse Attorney

Cleveland Child Abuse Attorney

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Child abuse cases are emotional and overwhelming. A Cleveland child abuse attorney understands that physical and emotional abuse claims can arise in various ways. Young victims might speak to a relative or teacher, who decides to file a lawsuit, or Child Protective Services might press charges. Either way, abuse cases can be a complicated time for a family. You might seek a lawyer if you want to file a lawsuit on the child’s behalf or if you have been accused of child abuse yourself.

The Henry Law Firm is here to help in any case. Our law office can provide a thorough case evaluation, file a lawsuit, and seek charges in cases of assault or other forms of abuse. Don’t let fear stop you from gaining the help you need when dealing with child abuse. Contact The Henry Law Firm today. For immediate assistance, please reach out to one of the following organizations: Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) or Prevent Child Abuse America: 1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5373).


Our Cleveland legal team will do everything it can to help in cases of child abuse.


We use advanced technology, including industry-leading programs and innovations, to help prepare you for your Cleveland legal proceedings.


Our Ohio legal team will uncover critical facts and evidence in child abuse cases to build your case as a detective would.


If your case goes to trial, powerful storytelling will be used to depict what happened and what actions should be taken next.

What to Do After Child Abuse and Neglect

Cleveland abuse lawyers can help you navigate the legal options following a case of child abuse. Whether you have been wrongfully accused, or you are helping a young victim that has suffered personal losses due to abuse, our legal team can help. If a child tells you they have been abused, it’s critical to ensure their safety. The Mayo Clinic recommends the following advice:

  • Encourage the child to tell you what happened.
  • Remind the child that they aren’t responsible for the abuse.
  • Let the child know you’re available to talk or listen at any time.

  • Report the abuse by contacting a local child protective agency or the police department.
  • Help the child remain safe and get medical attention if needed.

We Fight for Your Family After Abuse or Neglect

Cleveland, Ohio attorneys understand that child abuse can cause emotional distress within a family. The legal team at The Henry Law Firm will help your family from start to finish. We have worked on Cleveland child abuse cases and understand the legal system, including what is needed in court. Whether the child has suffered emotional or sexual abuse, our legal team will fight for the best case results to protect the child from further harmful situations.

Civil Claims for Child Abuse or Neglect

In addition to your rights through law enforcement, you may also pursue a civil lawsuit on behalf of your child. Such a lawsuit is possible if your child suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of a daycare facility, a school, an after-school program, a recreation center, or a member of the clergy, among others.

A lawsuit can be a powerful tool to help your child obtain the mental or physical treatment he or she will need to overcome the abuse or neglect. A successful suit can help set your child up for success in the future.

Our Cleveland Child Abuse Lawyer Is Your Advocate

Learning that your child has been abused or neglected is every parent’s worst nightmare. Someone you trusted has caused personal injury or harm to your child. If you suspect abuse, contact a Cleveland, OH abuse attorney immediately. Experienced Cleveland abuse lawyers will guide you through the legal process after instances of abuse. They can help you report the abuse and begin a criminal investigation.


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Why Choose Us?

Cleveland abuse attorneys have to have the proper knowledge to handle your legal case carefully. The Henry Law Firm understands how difficult this situation can be. We will investigate the unique details of your case to ensure the proper legal action is taken.

Frequently Asked Questions


Child abuse is any intentional harm or mistreatment of children under 18 years old. Child neglect is the failure of a caretaker to properly supervise or provide care to a child that results in injury to that child. The damages to a child can occur in many different forms, including the ones listed below.

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Medical
  • Neglect

Unfortunately, in most cases, the harm is done by someone the child (or parent) knows and trusts.


If you think your child or another young person in your life is being abused or neglected, look out for these warning signs:

  • Obvious injury
  • Withdrawal from friends or usual activities
  • Changes in behavior or school performance
  • Frequent absences from school
  • Reluctance to leave school activities
  • Depression, anxiety or unusual fears, or a sudden loss of self-confidence
  • An apparent lack of supervision
  • Attempts at running away
  • Rebellious or defiant behavior
  • Self-harm or attempts at suicide

If the abuse has included an assault of any kind, a medical professional can help provide evidence for the court case. Cleveland lawyers can effectively investigate the situation and determine what proof of abuse will be most helpful in the case. Criminal charges can be pursued for any abuse, whether it was physical or not. Cleveland attorneys who are familiar with child abuse cases will be able to help you.


Proving abuse can be difficult, depending on the circumstances. Cleveland abuse lawyers will try to gather evidence that can prove the harm that has occurred. This type of evidence can come in the form of:

  • Physical exam, including evaluating injuries
  • Lab tests, X-rays, or other tests
  • The child’s medical and developmental history
  • Description or observation of the child’s behavior
  • Observing interactions between parents or caregivers and the children
  • Discussions with parents, caregivers, and the child

Cleveland lawyers can help you locate the proof you need, through medical history or interviews. Attorneys know how valuable it can be to have evidence of the harm that has occurred.