Aggressive Beachwood, Ohio Attorney

Aggressive Beachwood, Ohio Attorney

Compassionate Collaborator

Eric Henry - Personal Injury Lawyer


The Henry Law Firm is a client-focused firm where our Beachwood lawyer always puts you first. Our Beachwood, Ohio attorney works for you, so we’re always there to answer questions, address concerns, and keep you updated on your case. Eric Henry will use whatever form of communication makes you the most comfortable, whether that’s texts, emails, calls, or written letters.

  • Client-centered: We won’t keep you in the dark while we work on your case. With The Henry Law Firm, you can expect prompt communication and we will help you understand the legal details of your case.
  • Technology-focused: Our Beachwood, Ohio attorney operates using the cloud to hold and update case files, so you always have access to the information. No metal filing cabinets here.
  • Modern investigative techniques: Eric Henry is a licensed private investigator. So The Henry Law Firm goes beyond using the facts given to do their research and collect the necessary information to handle your case effectively.
  • Storytelling: At The Henry Law Firm, we believe a compelling story is a key to winning every case. Together, we will develop a narrative using leading presentation tools and depictions to draw a clear picture of your case.


Our Beachwood, Ohio attorney at The Henry Law Firm has experience handling cases in numerous areas of the law. From personal injury and car accident cases to employment law cases, we’ve handled it all.

The Henry Law Firm is all about helping clients reach a satisfying resolution. You only pay legal fees if your case is successful, so you can feel confident the top Beachwood, Ohio attorney is always committed to getting you the outcome you deserve. If you don’t win, we don’t win; it’s as simple as that.


If you need a Beachwood, Ohio attorney for a car accident case, call Eric Henry today. At this firm, we understand the massive expense car accidents can be, from medical bills to loss of wages to personal injuries. Car accidents are common and many need a Beachwood lawyer to help them navigate these kinds of cases. And there’s no better firm than Eric Henry’s to assist you in handling the legal aftermath of such an accident.


Semi-truck accidents often lead to costly medical expenses and loss of work. If you or a loved one are dealing with the consequences of a nasty semi-truck accident, let the best Beachwood, Ohio attorney help you get the compensation or benefits you deserve. The Henry Law Firm will thoroughly investigate the accident to build a strong case and narrative for you. We will do everything we can to get you the justice and benefits you deserve after such a horrible incident.


The number of construction workers that are injured or killed on the job is staggering. Every day construction workers face serious hazards at their job. Eric Henry, the top Beachwood, Ohio attorney, is committed to investigating these site accident cases to help workers get the compensation and benefits they need after this kind of incident. Don’t settle for a subpar Beachwood lawyer, when The Henry Law Firm is determined to aggressively fight for your case.


Personal injury cases can cover a wide range of incidents and accidents. But our Beachwood, Ohio attorney at The Henry Law Firm has dealt with all sorts of personal injury cases and has the expertise and determination to take on yours. We want our clients to receive the proper care and compensation when they’ve been hurt. No matter what kind of injury or the circumstances of your injury, we are devoted to helping you win your case, so you can get back to taking care of your body and health.


We take nothing more seriously than the wrongful death of a loved one. When a family trusts our law firm to investigate and handle the case, we go above and beyond to get to the bottom of what happened and find justice for you and your family. Nothing is more painful than losing someone too soon, and our Beachwood, Ohio attorney wants to fight for you to get every bit of compensation and benefit you can to help ease the pain of the loss so you can try and continue your life.


Each day people around the world put their trust in medical experts, but mistakes can happen that are life changing when we least expect it. Whether you or a loved one have fallen victim to medical malpractice in the form of misread lab results, an incorrect prescription, misdiagnosis, and more, the experienced medical malpractice lawyer at The Henry Law Firm is here to help. Together, we’ll help you win your case so you can return to normal life.


As a parent or loved one ages, the decision to move them into a nursing home quickly approaches. Nursing homes are legally and ethically responsible to protect and serve aging and vulnerable adults, but unfortunately, some of these facilities fail to meet these expectations. If you suspect your parent or loved one has fallen victim to nursing home abuse or neglect, Eric Henry is here to help. We’re prepared to protect your loved one every step of the way.


If you’re gearing up for a slip-and-fall legal battle, bring The Henry Law Firm on your side so we can get you compensation and benefits after such an accident. Slip and fall accidents in Beachwood are a serious problem, and if unaddressed, people will continue to be negligent. Together, our Beachwood, Ohio attorney can hold those negligent people responsible and ensure those affected or injured receive proper care.


If you suffered injuries or damages in an assault, robbery, or another criminal incident, our Beachwood, Ohio attorney wants to help you seek justice. You should be safe when visiting other properties and businesses, and it isn’t right to have to deal with injuries or expenses that come about due to inadequate or negligent security.


Eric Henry is an experienced Beachwood lawyer with expertise in many legal areas. At The Henry Law Firm, we understand the need for Beachwood, Ohio attorneys that will be aggressive and determined to win your case. Let us put our years of experience and know-how to work for you. You deserve a lawyer that is going to listen and communicate with you.

Personal injury, car accidents, wrongful death, and consumer rights legal battles can be complex and exhausting. But our Beachwood, Ohio attorney is prepared to go above and beyond to take most of that weight off your shoulders and help you reach the solution you want. We want to work with you and ensure justice is served.